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Essential Oil candle

Aroma – light, floral and refreshing.

Uses – Clears and calms the emotions, relieves exhaustion. Has a balancing effect on the central nervous system. Excellent for depressive states. Lavender calms palpitations, relieves insomnia, headaches and stress. Also a handy insecticide. Oil uses: an analgesic, antidepressant, antitoxic, deodorant, diuretic, insecticide, sedative, stimulant and tonic.

Description – A highly aromatic shrub approximately one metre in height with clusters of purple-blue flowers. Mainly produced in France, but is also cultivated in other Mediterranean Countries as well as Australia.

Customary Practices – Lavender is a well-established traditional remedy and its scent is familiar to almost everyone. It was used to comfort the stomach, as cosmetic water, as an insect repellent, to scent the linen, and as a reviving yet soothing oil. A few drops of lavender in a hot footbath can greatly relieve fatigue.

Extraction – By steam distillation from the fresh flowering tops.

Caution – Check with you medical practitioner if using during pregnancy.
For medicinal purposes, use under consultation with your preferred medical practitioner

Blends well with – Woodland.