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Minimum Burning Times

As a rule you should always try to burn a candle long enough for the wax to melt out to the edge before extinguishing the flame. This is referred to as the minimum burning time ( refer to guide below ). It may not be possible for you to do this every time, but you should try to achieve it as often as possible. Candles that are regularly burnt  for short periods of time, develop thick walls and eventually drown themselves.

Remember our moto:

“Trim your wick and TAKE IT TO THE EDGE”


As a guide: 

  • 30 hour candle   – minimum burning time of 2½ hours
  • 50 hour candle   – minimum burning time of 2 hours
  • 60 hour candle   – minimum burning time of 2½ hours
  • 100 hour candle – minimum burning time of 4 hours.


If after long hours of burning the flame becomes tall and wispy, cut back the wick to produce a smaller flame.

Scented Candle Dimensions
 Measurements are in millimetres. Sizes will vary slightly.
  • 100 HR  –  110h x 85w
  •   60 HR  –  100h x 70w
  •   50 HR  –  105h x 60w
  •   30HR  –     55h x 70w